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Birthday: March 5, 1990
Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA

20 years young and exploding with talent, Jason Arens joined me for a quality question and answer session.

JR: What is your favorite trick?
ARENS: That is a tough one. I have grown particularly fond of rodeo 5's and switch rodeo 5's with japan. I would have to say it's a toss up between the two. I basically love any trick involving the Japan grab.
JR: So smooth. What is your favorite ski movie segment?
ARENS: I have always loved Schillers' part in X=10, but more recently I found myself watching B-Dogs segment in Refresh an unhealthy amount of times.
JR: They both kill it 24/7. Refresh is one of my favorite ski movies from this past year.
ARENS: It's a great movie, one of the best I've ever seen!
JR: Definitely, I loved the superpark segment in Everday Is A Saturday too though, can't get enough of it.
ARENS: For sure! So much crazy stuff happened in that segment!
JR: Pretty ill. Where is your favorite place to ski?
ARENS: I have a few favorites. I really enjoy skiing all the local spots in Tahoe because I love the feeling of shredding with all my buds every day. The places I love to ski outside of Tahoe would have to be Breck, Keystone, and Mammoth. All have such amazing parks and it's hard to not have a great time skiing those resorts.
JR: Mammy is legit. Do you have a core group of friends you like to ride with?
ARENS: I really wouldn't call it so much a core group, as much as just a bunch of friends that are all able to push each other and have a good time. The people in the crew vary from day to day.
JR: Do you have any specific goals for next season?
ARENS: Too many damn goals! Some of the bigger ones include keeping my knee healthy through the season, making it past qualifiers in Dew Tour Slopestyle, and filming as much as possible, while still trying to learn new stuff and have fun. Another big goal of mine for next year is to start my own video bloggy type thing, I'm really pumped for that. One goal that scares me even thinking about... Learning doubles.
JR: You have major talent, you'll have no problem with that. Has it been hard to stay sane during injury?
ARENS: (laughs) Well thank you! Yes, it can be hard at times, knowing so many of my friends are having fun shredding all over the world. But for the most part I have been able to keep positive and focus on getting as strong as possible for next season.
JR: You are way determined, you will impact the ski world, no doubt. It is good to see athletes push through tough things. On a different note, what is your guilty pleasure song?
ARENS: I have always really liked My Humps by Fergie. Lately, I have started to be super into California Girls by Katy Perry, not so much because I like the song, but the music video kinda rules!
JR: Katy Perry is definitely much better than Miley Cyrus, or do you like her too?
ARENS: I honestly hate Miley Cyrus so much. I don't see what all the hype is about her. On a scale from 1 to not very attractive, she isn't all that cute.
JR: You are my hero for saying that. What would you do if Brad Pitt tried to kiss you?
ARENS: Probably just go along with it, but come to regret it in the coming weeks when he continued to ignore my phone calls. (laughs) Just kidding, but seriously. I mean Bread Freaking Pitt! Not that easy to resist!
JR: Oh I know. I'll get my people to call his people for you.
ARENS: Thanks for your cooperation.
JR: Got any shout outs?
ARENS: So many shout outs! Mike Schneider at Surface, TallTreez, POWgloves, OneBallJay, Heavenly, Bern, FullTilt, my family, the Curry Brothers, R-Mart, pretty much anyone I ski with, the entire Wu-Tang Clan, and anyone else who has helped me in any way, shape, or form!

Here is Arens edit that won the Super Unknown VII Honorable Mention award, check this athlete absolutely slaying it!!

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