Face Shots and THall

Waltz down three flights of stairs, arms overflowing with ski gear. At least eight inches of freshies trying to camouflage the car. Flashing yellow lights at the mouth of LCC: 4x4/chains required. Perfect. Gear is on. Push to Pdog at Snowbird, the lift line is scarce. Straight ahead a ninja'd out skier with rasta trimming and shaggy hair: Tanner Hall, the pro's know where the best snow on the planet is. Hucking cliffs is not a problem today. Choking on face shots means untracked powpow everywhere. Wipe out trying a back flip off a cat track? Doesn't even matter, the landing is a fluffy white cloud. Cold fingers and toes are forgotten, the smiles and euphoria is worth it. Praises to mother nature for puking up all the white, fat, fluffy flakes in Utah.

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