Rider: Kailey Battaglia Photographer: Kelley Lindsey

WHO CAN DIG IT?! Couldn't sleep all night, like a kid on Christmas Eve. Morning hits, after a lifetime of waiting, unpacking and repacking gear bag, can't stomach a large breakfast, whole body twitching with anticipation. Windshield wipers are on full speed, smearing those fat fluffy white flakes across it. Bass bumping, mirrors and hot chocolate vibrating to the beat. Waves of cold charge the car as doors open. Uncontrollable giggles emerge while boots are being put on. Beep, beep, beep. Passes are being scanned. Tap, tap, tap. Fingers drum the railing while waiting for a ride up the snow canvased mountain. Boots shoved into bindings, coats zipped up to hide bursts of cold wind. Snow flying under skis, smooth, fast, reflexes sharp. Legs start to burn, smiles spread even wider. Smelling the pine, the snow, the mountain as wind turns noses pink. The little adrenaline beast bursts out, taking control of muscles and energy levels, everything so natural, euphoric. Smiles permanently etched on all faces. A white dust cloud explodes to the right, laughter rings through the brisk air, a body emerges as the cloud settles. Skis carving across freshies, spraying behind, silence as they rip through the air. Shouts heard while afterbanging away, grin so wide it shouldn't fit. Heart pounding heavily. Beep, beep, beep. Pass scanned again. Tap, tap, tap. Ready for another piece of adrenaline stuffed artwork. Bring it on 2010-11 season, we shredders can dig it. Keep checking back for further snow adventures and edits from this season and mob those mountains!

Writing by JR Lindsey

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