BIRTHDAY: May 7, 1988
HOME MOUNTAIN: Canyons Ski Resort

How did you get into skiing? Well I didn't start skiing till I was eleven years old. I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, and there are no mountains there. I didn't start until we moved here (Salt Lake City). As the story goes, my first Christmas here in UT, my dad got me a pair of skis because he wanted to ski more. You could say he used me. But yeah, I loved it and have skied every chance I've got since then.

Have you grown up skiing the same mountain or are you a hill hopper? I grew up skiing Snowbird, but when they decided to nix their park, I decided I didn't want to ski there anymore. I'm kind of a park rat.

Slopestyle vs Pipe? Slope, easy. Switch 5 nose, or anything blunted!

What do you like most about skiing slopestyle? Well, I like how you're always trying to improve yourself. And on a more narcissistic note, I like to make gapers gape!

Do you have a fan club of teenage girls on the mountain? Funny story (laughs). This one time there was some 16 year old girl. She sent me a message on facebook and asked me for my phone number. So I guess you could say that.

Isn't that illegal? I didn't say I gave it to her! (laughs more)

Speaking of fan clubs, who are the skiers you look up to? Well, I look up to a lot of skiers. But I would have to say a lot of the PC kids I ride with. Like Trevor Jackson, Sam Hurst, Nicky Keefer, and John Kutcher. I also look up to Kevin Brower, Brandon Peterson, and Tyson mcDonnald. Those kids slay the backwoods like no other. It's funny, a lot of those kids are younger than me.

Little shred heads are invading the slopes. TJ Schiller recently tore his ACL again, you are on your way to recovery also. How is that going for you? It's going really well. I just saw my surgeon yesterday. He said that my ACL is really strong and my LCL is almost completely healed. Physical therapy is also going really well. The goal is to be back and taking it easy by April. Fingers crossed.

Ninja vs Jedi? Silly question! You and I both know that an elf would beat anyone. What you know about Legolas?!

Touche. Any big goals for 2011? Nothing huge, just keep skiing and shooting with my pals, stoking out those sponsors, and getting back to my normal self! I've got some secrets I'm working on in my head.

Shout outs? Surface Skis, Causwell Apparel, Joystick, Demon Snow, and Wheelie Snow.
To all those who have helped me out, especially through this injury. Nick Moore, Matt Park, mom and dad, Trevor Jackson, Tight Pant, Slim Puma, Da Schimit, the rest of Team Tanner, Andy Meehan, the Clayton's, the Gerber's, Brandon and Wilkey.