Oh, how the world changes in 110 years.


  1. Interesting information. It would be interesting to see some of the monetary facts adjusted for inflation to put it in context better. The only fact on here that screams out to me as completely misleading is the number of homicides. The real number of murders in the US is at least an order of magnitude higher than this. At the time, only a few states with exceptionally low homicide rates were included in official statistics and even those states chronically underreported homicides in the data .

    1. Very true! Stats, even current stats, can be very misleading or incomplete. I found all this information in one of my text books, and found it interesting, especially in comparison to how the world is today. Glad you found it intriguing as well! If you do find correct (or at least more accurate) stats on the murders, let me know! I would love to hear it.