Make Your Marriage Rock

Though Bobby and I have only been married for 2 years, we have discovered quite a few ways to make our marriage continue to rock. We are no experts, but these have helped us keep our pleasure, patience, and passion afloat. 
This list is not in order of importance!

1. Remember why you married your spouse.
2. Be completely faithful to them.
3. Be a complete flirt! Do whatever you have to: sit on his lap, wink at her, make each other blush, etc.
4. Smile.
5. Laugh at his jokes, listen to her drawn-out stories.
6. Compliment each other, but be specific!
7. Have date nights. Be sure to switch it up, don't do the same thing repeatedly.
8. Create a little mystery: get ready for your date night separately.
9. Laugh at each other and at yourself! You will both do stupid, dramatic, dorky things.
10. Have your favorite picture of your spouse on hand: look at it when you are mad at them.. that anger will fade. 
11. Brag about your spouse and show them off to your friends and family: let the world know you are still in love with them.
12. Showcase your individuality: it will remind them why they married you.
13. See your spouse in their element.
14. To be blunt: have sex. Guys: start it. Girls: start it just as often.
15. Keep them guessing: send them a text saying you have a surprise for them.
16. Keep surprising them! 
17. Skin-on-skin contact: brush their arm, kiss their cheek, tangle yourselves up on the couch for a movie, etc.
18. Realize it's okay to not have things in common. Be uniquely passionate, they will admire you for it and have something to brag about you. 
19. Stop with the passive-aggressive guessing game. Just be blunt and tell them what you want, need, and feel.
20. Wear something you know they love.
21. Girl: realize when a guy says he loves you without make up and in a t-shirt, he really means it. 
22. Pick your battles. Sometimes it's necessary to battle things out, sometimes you need to swallow your pride and let it go.
23. Support each others goals.
24. Set goals for your marriage.
25. Spend some time with just each other before falling asleep. That's right, turn off the phones, lights, music, etc and really be with them.
26. Don't try to talk about something serious over a text.
27. Don't try to talk about something serious right when your spouse gets home from work.
28. Hug them. All the time. 
29. Girls: have girls night. Boys: have boys night. It's important to let each other branch out and do things on their own. 
30. For heaven's sake (and your own): COMMUNICATE.
31. Learn something new together: dance, art, boxing, cooking, etc.
32. Thank your spouse. For anything, and everything.
33. Notice what your spouse does for you, your home, your family. 
34. Learn to apologize, without that 'I'm-not-really-sorry' tone. Honestly and truly apologize.
35. Girls: realize you are not always right.
36. Boys: realize you are not always right. 
37. Continue to learn new aspects of each other: secrets, talents, memories, etc.
38. If your spouse is upset, try to cheer them up, don't be upset with them for having a bad day.
39. Do not, whatever you do, gossip about your spouse to others. You forgive your spouse easily, but others may not. 
40. Exercise together. Not only is it healthy, but it also (scientifically proven) increases your attraction to them. 
41. Surprise them with their favorite drink or snack during the middle of the day.
42. Do your equal share around the house.
43. Dance with each other, even if there is no music.
44. Make them breakfast in bed. 
45. Manage your finances TOGETHER. Yes, one person can be in charge, but do it together. 
46. Get out, and stay out of debt. 
47. Be honest. Always be honest. But do not be hurtful.
48. Learn to forgive, and do not use past events as ammo once you have forgiven them for it.
49.  When you do argue, argue fairly. Do not use the accusatory "you always" or "you never" to start a sentence. 
50. One thing we always tell our newly married friends: fight naked. 
51. Be spontaneous!
52. Travel to places either of you have never been, or to places that mean a lot to your spouse. 
53. Have meaningful conversations.
54. Have silly conversations.
55. Come home early from work as a surprise.
56. Be intimate, and not just in a physical sense. 
57. Run to the door and hug them when they get home. Make them feel like you have been waiting so long for them and you are absolutely thrilled they are back.
58. Learn to enjoy something your spouse enjoys. 
59. Respect each other.
60. Receive their compliments, don't just brush them off.
61. Avoid nagging each other.
62. Don't be serious all the time. 
63. Porn-proof your home.
64. Pray together.
65. Pray for each other.
66. Sleep in your husbands t-shirts.
67. Be best friends. 
68. Remember that you are friends, not just lovers, not just two people who live together. 
69. Listen to music together.
70. Go to bed at the same time.
71. Write each other notes.
72. If you are religious, study together.
73. Make them dinner.
74. Love their family. 
75. Stand up for your spouse.
76. Encourage each other.
77. Laugh with each other until you are both crying and can barely breathe.
78. Remember what is important to them, and what is important to you.
79. Do not talk down about yourself in front of them. You are their princess; you are their prince. 
80. Draw each other pictures, even if the only thing you can draw is a stick figure.
81. Be creative together. 
82. Treat your marriage like it is the most sacred covenant, because it is. 
83. Whisper to each other.
84. Start a family, whether it be pets or kids. 
85. Realize your spouse may cope with things differently than you do. 
86. Be proud of them.
87. Love them with all your heart.  

Now stop reading this, and go enjoy your love!



  1. I keep coming back to this one... Hopefully I can implement these.

    1. Christi! It's always hard to actually do these, even if the idea sounds good. But that's what makes it worth it, right?