Summer Blues?

Many are familiar with the term "Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)", which deals with depression due to the shorter days, colder weather, and less sunlight. However, I would bet there are just as many people with "Summer Blues", as I like to call this intoxicating plague. It is the opposite of S.A.D. The depression comes from the longer painful days, the scorching hot weather, and all of the blasted sunlight, determined to roast us.
In other words, LACK OF SNOW!! Am I wrong? No. About ninety-seven percent of the people I know well, are all getting ridiculously antsy for this upcoming winter season, to the point where it makes them sick to think about.
Sadistic ski/ride dreams torture us, giving us the euphoric pleasure of skiing, but then waking up to a low-blow reality check, it is still September. The dusting of that perfect white snow on top of peaks in Utah tease us horribly by melting rapidly away after it arrives. Let's not forget to mention all of the absolutely hyped up ski/ride movies coming out starting this month. Sure, we get to watch all our favorite athletes hit epic pow lines and preform dirty tricks in the parks. Our stoke levels soar while watching these, then BAM!, it is still September. There is a major love-hate relationship going on between us skiers and riders, and those wild, wild films.
Now the real question is, can we cure Summer Blues? What can us winter-craving hooligans do to keep our minds off the ever-approaching season? Power-tumbling, running, downhill biking, hibernation? You tell me, what do you do? Let's help each other out. Comment or email TheJRLindz@gmail.com with different things you have done this summer to keep your stoke up, but not go entirely crazy waiting for winter.
Cheers to overcoming Summer Blues!!


  1. what ppl have said already:

    -LOVE (via Bechina)
    -The feeling of being cold then coming in and getting warm. Best feeling ever (via Diamond)
    -Jenna Rae Lindsey (via Pfitts)
    -Ski Edits, ski movies and reading all about the escapades the pros are on, oh....and you and your bloggg dude!!(via Mary O)

  2. there is no way to cure summer blues, it's just going to happen(unless you can afford a trip to Europe during your summer.)i however can't...which has resulted in numerous dream of the soft fresh powder snow hitting my ski's right after a huge storm has rolled in. unfortunately, i wake up in my dorm room, head to class, and dread the next 2-3months till snow drops. the best thing i have found is reminiscing about last year. where did you go, what was the best storm, best trail of the year? all of this helps when doing so with a group of people. The best thing to remember is that the Summer Blues will only last 7-8 months...the rest of the year will be spent shredding up the mountain.

  3. I hope that you com here and we do it that shred skiing edit together. And i hope that you have shred time when you come here. We can do sooo many things and have that night rail session with my friends