Dear Twenty-One Year Young Body,

            Everyone believes that you are now aging, therefore losing power, energy, and drive. However, I would like to remind you that you are in your prime right now! There are a few things I would like to apologize for that may be slowing you down the past few years.
            Sleep. That wonderful relaxing thing normal people do at night time to rest their bodies. I will let you in on a little secret, it is overrated. I know what you are thinking, it feels so good, right? Do not fool yourself. What feels better, sleeping or skiing? Skiing, that is what I thought, too.
            This brings on my next topic, dopamine. It is addicting. Do you know how dopamine is released? Of course you do. All those euphorically engaging activities I make you do. That would include skiing, soccer, karate, running, biking, wakeboarding, surfing, etc. It is dangerously addicting, and I turned you into a hardcore fanatic, electroshock therapy might not even save you now.
            Contrary to popular opinion though, I do not think it is a bad thing. Why would anyone think it is a bad thing to push limits, to work harder than anyone else? There is always someone out there practicing over and over and over, and I will not rest to let them pull ahead. I am competitive and stubborn, sorry. Honestly though Body, I do not think you would rather me be lazy.
            Alright, I will admit, that sometimes I might push you too hard. Not everyone is perfect. I was too determined and went too far a few times. That phase has passed. Now my dreams are so high in skiing that I am on the hill at least twenty hours a week. That is when you decide to have a sense of humor and pay me back with four stress fractures in both legs, thinking it will stop me. You got the memo real fast that it would not keep me from skiing. I know it is stupid to go against Doc’s orders, but, like I mentioned previously, I am an addict.
            Continuing, trying to give me a wakeup call, you jog my brain around like an earthquake in my head when I fall hucking cliffs or trying new tricks off kickers. Concussions will not stop me either, give up.
            This letter, Body, started out as an apology letter and in doing so I addressed the issues I had in mind. However, if we are being honest with each other, I am not actually sorry for any of it. I have a forever young, full of life, determined mind and soul; that I can guarantee will never change. Do me a favor body, keep up. You will be rewarded.
            Love you Body, you have treated me well despite our few disagreements.

Thank you,


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