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Have you ever met someone whose smile, or in this case, their game face, is always on and highly contagious? Have you ever met anyone who is so entirely stoked about every aspect of life, that you cannot help but feel fired up about it also? Have you ever met a person who is extremely talented and has so much potential it almost makes you sick? This is Vinny Charette to a tee.
Born into a family of skiers, Vinny began his career at the young age of three. His parents keeping him in ski lessons until age thirteen, when he switched to freeskiing classes for the next two years. "They weren't forcing me to go, but I was definitely not trying to ski all the time. Until I started freeskiing, then it was me dragging them to the hill every time it was possible," he says with a grin on his face. The almost eighteen-year-old now skis for fun with his homies, and trust me, it is all about the fun with Vinny.
His love for skiing grew from watching heroes like "Tanner Hall. Just because he was destroying so much and always before its time." He then explained that he now admires the unique styles of B-dog, Will Wesson, and Andy Parry, saying, "They all inspire me a lot when I ski. I got to ski with Andy Parry in Park City this winter, it was incredible! I was so stoked and I even got to film with him for a little bit. I guess he was stoked that we did the same kind of tricks. He is such a nice guy! It was a wicked nice experience." Other things that get Vinny totally psyched about the sport: rap music, Josh Bibbys' segment in Skimatic, and the Hood session in Turbo which is "Beyond redic. I remember seeing it the first time and my mind was instantly blown."
The talented skier, who is also bilingual in French and English, is clearly not just your average teenager. While most are trying to figure out the opposite sex, Vinny slaves hard at various jobs during the summer in order to get some well-earned globe-trotting done during the season. Gratitude oozing out of his words, he mentions how lucky he feels to have gone to Whistler twice, and to be able to make it out to Park City last season for three weeks, where he is planning on moving to for the upcoming season. The ambitious Canadian also plans to be studying at a University in the upcoming years. "Hopefully somewhere near a ski town, either the University of Utah or University of British Columbia, both would be so nice!"
Another plan the driven skier has mapped out, is to be filming with the 3Trio Production crew, "And whoever wants to film me! My craziest dream would be to film with one of the top companies!" He also aspires to compete in the Superunknown Contest next season, and with Vinnys' obvious talent, unique style, and borderline insane excitement for skiing, he will have no problem.
After asking him how he would describe his style, immediately he laughed, his game face staying strong, and responded, "FUNKY! At least that's what all my friends call it. But mainly I jut try to do new stuff, things that I have never seen been done before! Trying to keep it original, ya know."
Before he would discus his standard off-season training program, he made it undoubtedly clear that skiing does not compare to absolutely anything. With that said, his typical summer routine includes trampolining and rollerblading. However, this summer he has been working a lot and biking when he can to stay strong. Glowing, Vinny explained, "I got those dub bios on lock on tramps and I would REALLY like to bring them on snow. As far as I am concerned no one has ever done them, but that is pretty scary."
The generously talented teen then decided to disclosed another expertise of his, "I make dank Kraft dinner," he says, laughing. On a side note, Vinny also confessed that if he could have an unlimited supply of three things in his kitchen they would be, "Pasta, because pastas are the illest. Milk, because it gives you strong bones. And chocolate chip cookies, because they are delish!"
Vinny Charettes' game face never fading, he gives his shout outs and thanks to all his friends and sponsors. Always stoked to talk about skiing with anyone, his last minute advice to young skiers who are trying to break into the industry would be, "Keep skiing for fun and keep pushing your own style. Good things may or may not happen, but the more important thing is to have fun!" The game face, all about the fun. "Aw hell yeah! Can't be too serious about skiing or else it takes out the fun for me!" This is why Vinny will undoubtedly go places in his life and in skiing, his obvious love, and, some might say unhealthy, addiction to his sport.

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