Do Something Wild

Dearest You,

I'm not quite sure who "you" are, after all, I have no idea who is actually reading this. In fact, I could be the only one. . . depressing thought, also entertaining-as that means I'm talking to myself. Anyway, I feel as if I owe "you" an explanation/apology of some sorts. When I started this blog it was for the pure intent to practice my scattered writing skills, explore the photography field, but mostly to broadcast my "stoke" to the skiing/riding community and hopefully it would catch like wildfire.

As I forged on through goals I had for the blog, I became more and more engrossed. Bad thing? Not at first. Now, I know you are probably saying "is there such thing as being too engrossed in skiing?!" It depends on your reasoning. Mine, became too much. I never thought I'd say that. But I was starting to do it for the wrong reasons. Some of those (slightly absurd) reasons started with me starting to actually care if people saw my blog entries. Yeah, it is nice to have friends support your goals and whatnot, but when I got upset or too excited by stats, obviously it was too far. I also started skiing like one of those people everyone hates. Yeah, sure, they are decent and daring, but who cares if they start blowing off people because they can't ride as hard (supposedly) or won't ride without a tall tee and two-sizes-too-big outerwear. And the last reason I will share, I started comparing myself to others doing similar things (blogs, skiing, girls who can rip, guys who think they are better). All in all, I was doing it for the completely wrong reason.

Once I realized what was going on (light bulb on, aha! moment-got to love those) I had to do something. Badaboom-badabang. So I quit. Went all lukewarm turkey on you. I say lukewarm because every so often I took a nibble and posted something. I feel like this is some deep confession about becoming some addict or something. . . It's making me laugh. I'm kind of pathetic sometimes, I know, it is okay to make fun. Anywho, there is my explanation. My apology- iiiiii'mmmmm sooorrrrrrryyyyyyyyy (I was trying to quote Wesley off of Princess Bride, if you didn't catch that). So there you have it, and that's that, finito! From this point on I'm working myself back into this. Look forward to some killer new posts! Adios friends and enjoy your day! Go do something wild. It feels good. Whew!


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