Halloween To-Do List

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and no, not just because it's an excuse to eat all the Reese's I want. Every year, it seems like I always forget a few key elements of the Halloween season, which is why I came up with this brilliant (and doable) Halloween To-Do List!

★Carve a pumpkin
★Watch Hocus Pocus (my favorite Halloween movie)
★ Drink cider
★ Make caramel apples
★ Make pumpkin pie
★ Watch Nightmare Before Christmas
★ Scare someone
★ Roast pumpkin seeds
★ Go trick-or-treating (I don't care how old you are, it's good for the soul!)
★ Make butterbeer and pumpkin pasties
★ Go to a haunted house
★ Go to a corn maze
★ Play in a pile of leaves (again, age doesn't matter)
★ Tell ghost stories in a fort (yes, that requires you to build a fort too)
★ Make chili
★ Dance to Thriller
★ Make Halloween sugar cookies
★ Watch Halloweentown
★ Make homemade rootbeer and put dry ice in it so it looks like a witches brew
★ Pass out Halloween candy
★ Read an Edgar Allan Poe short story
★ Watch at least one of the Harry Potter movies

Now go out and get spooking with that Halloween spirit! If you have any more great Halloween traditions, feel free to share!

Happy holidays,


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