40 Books That Made Me Love Reading

"If you think reading is boring, you're doing it wrong."

I started out as quite the reluctant reading, frustrated with dyslexia and ADD. That is, until my older sister begged me to take a chance with J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. After pouring my soul into those now worn pages, I came to love reading. I comprised this list of books that made me come to love reading so that those of you who are struggling with reading as I did (and sometimes still do), or if you have students or kids who are struggling, have some hope! 

I hated reading, turns out I was just reading the wrong kind of books. I had thought I was supposed to love reading books from school, higher level books, books of more serious nature. Once I realized that I didn't have to like what everyone else did, or what teachers were forcing me to read, I was one happy camper. My message to you is this: read what you want to read. Don't force yourself to read something you don't want to. Parents and teachers, to you I say this: be patient and understanding. If you have a child who is struggling with reading, whether it's due to dyslexia, ADD, or just general dislike of reading, work with them. The key is to be open-minded. Treat choosing a book like going on an adventure: everyone likes different types of adventures and it may take days, weeks, months to explore and find what type of book fits you. I promise you that there are books out there for you, the patience is worth it. 

Found one book you like, but don't know how to find another one? Check out this website, it recommends books based on the ones you liked! 

"Reading is dreaming with your eyes open." 

Now, go on an adventure!


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