103 Adventures to Live

A month or so ago, I was sitting at work, with my mind going at one-hundred miles an hour. What was I thinking about? Life. Everything. That is when I decided I was not very happy with the way I had been living. Yes, there have undoubtedly been beyond incredible experiences. However, when reflecting back on the whole picture my life had painted so far, it was nothing but a blur of dull colors, with highlighted spots here and there. I want my life picture to be elaborate and full of creativity, adventure, and euphoria. This is where the 103 Adventures to Live comes into play. I decided to make a list of 103 things I absolutely have to do before I die, preferably sooner than later. Over the past month I finalized my list, and now I can start living it. I will not be planning these events out, except for the ones that require it such as traveling over seas. Hopefully I will be able to record pictures or video from each, to make it even more real for those who may read this and think it is impossible. Life is short, go live it. Keep in mind, these are in no order or importance, just what came to my mind.
103 Adventures to Live:
1. Learn a language
2. Do a 540 off a cliff (skiing)
3. Do a dub 9 into a foam pit
4. Get certified in cpr (again)
5. Hang out with Sammy Carlson
6. Write for a ski magazine
7. Sleep at a golf course
8. Live on the streets for at least 1 day/1 night
9. Compete in big mountain comp (skiing)
10. Compete in rail jam (skiing)
11. Feed the homeless
12. Blow bubbles on a populated street
13. Save a life
14. Be funny
15. Start a successful clothing line
16. Tag a train
17. Write a song
18. Write a book
19. Graduate college
20. Backpack europe
21. Become ambidextrous
22. Borrow a street sign to decorate my room
23. Go jogging in swimsuits
24. Do a back tuck successfully
25. Donate blood
26. Help someone spiritually
27. Have a massive food fight
28. Change a life
29. Inspire someone
30. Learn to breakdance
31. Take an art class
32. Heli-ski
33. Ski all continents
34. Go to yankees game
35. Make a ski edit
36. Attend summer ski camp
37. Paint something meaningful
38. Have a fight night (fight club style)
39. Ski Mt. Hood
40. Invent something
41. Teach
42. Take a gymnastics class
43. Get a tattoo (permanent or temp.)
44. Start a dance in public place
45. Bull ride
46. Destroy a TV
47. Help build a house
48. Approach a stranger and kiss him
49. Road trip the USA
50. Give a stranger a $100 bill
51. Scream at the top of my lungs
52. Send a message in a bottle
53. Get a chairlift named after me
54. Pay for someone’s groceries
55. Sleep in haunted house
56. Take a stranger to dinner
57. Spend a day in silence
58. Throw a surprise party
59. Make music video
60. Go dog sledding
61. Have a sacrificial bonfire to the snow lords (burn skis/snowboards)
62. Fall in love
63. Win an award at a ski comp
64. Street preform and make $100
65. Compete in Triathlon
66. Experience zero gravity
67. Go on a dirt biking trip
68. Party with a rockstar
69. Ski all resorts in UT
70. Learn to weld
71. Design ski’s for a ski company
72. Take cooking class
73. Make a marble booby trap
74. Live in an ice cave for a week
75. Prove doubters wrong
76. Road trip the Pacific Coast Highway
77. Ride an elephant
78. Do a Grand Canyon river run trip
79. Learn to skate (skateboard)
80. Learn to BMX
81. Take a trip to Bend, OR
82. Hike Timpanogous Mtn, UT
83. Land a backflip wakeboarding
84. Go to a haunted castle in Europe
85. Walk the Great Wall of China
86. Paraglide/skydive
87. Go paintballing
88. Do a glow in the dark mission
89. Swim to get golf balls at a course
90. Build a quarter pipe (skateboard)
91. Race through Sand dunes on dune buggy
92. Take guitar lessons
93. Build a fort and play video games all day
94. Play miniature golf in public (set up own course)
95. Sew a hoodie
96. Make someone happy
97. Kayak
98. Rockclimb
99. Scubadive
100. Go to a Chicago Blackhawks playoff game (NHL)
101. Do the PC Water Ramps (park city, ut)
102. Ride a bullet bike
103. Do parkour (well)
There is the list. Look for future posts of my 103 Adventures to Live to see how this changes my life, as I know it will.

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