#98 Rock climb. Done and done.

Climber: JR Lindsey Photographer: Kelley Lindsey

Years of attending BANFF Film Festival has hooked me on watching the adrenaline packed and motivating edits of rock climbing. However, until about a month ago, the recourses to engage in my own rock climbing adventure were not available. The time came. Were the nerves a little out of control? You bet. Was the stoke level sky high? Definitely.

Approaching the first climb up American Fork Canyon, Josh explained it was a 5.5 climb, which, as he and Christy put it, is like climbing a ladder. After flying up the rock, we graduated and moved on to the a 5.7 climb. Gaining confidence and comfort, each of us cruised up about half way, where it started to get tricky, only slowing us down momentarily. It was challenging, and challenges shoot adrenaline through you, which releases endorphins. In other words, I was pumped! It is an incredible feeling, being able to see how far you can push yourself in different and new ways.
Following the 5.7 climb, the hype getting more intense, we pushed on to a 5.9 climb. Approaching the backside of the rock wall, opinions were voiced of how short the climb looked compared to the others. Coming around the to the front, it was clearer as to why it was rated a 5.9 climb. There was a crack. Was that what we were supposed to climb? I had never done anything remotely close to this before. After watching Josh lead the climb, going the hardest route possible, a new surge of adrenaline was pumping through my veins.
Kelley, K, and Christy all mastered the climb in no time, repelling with a permanent cheesy grins on their faces. My turn. The second after starting the climb, I knew undoubtedly this was going to be my favorite. Climbing the crack was an astonishingly strange feeling, and I soaked every second of it up. There were some stumbles, which only made the stoke level even higher, and my addiction to this sport even stronger. The day ended, smiles never fading as we hiked back down while discussing what we had accomplished.
Though rock climbing is now crossed off the list, it will definitely not be the last time I indulge in the sport. There is something about pushing our bodies in unfamiliar ways and to higher levels, that keeps us coming back, time and time again, for more. The feeling is dangerously addicting.

Written By JR Lindsey

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