The massive SLC crowd getting amped on the films.

Hundreds of shredders of all ages waited, spooning each other, in line at SLC's Rail Events Center for the Level 1 and 4bi9 movie premieres Wednesday, September 22. After the rush of actually getting in to the building, fans were greeted with free Monster Engergy drinks, pro skiers signing posters, free swag being thrown everywhere, and insane music from the talented Taylor Brown. Finally, 4bi9's 'Gunnie Season' was projected onto three big screens, and more little screens over the whole building, allowing everyone to get a good view. The already dope trailer did not do the movie justice. Though piled uncomfortably all over each other on chairs, the floors, and tables, the crowd was getting hyped on the movie. Taking a short break, the crews took the stage and a few lucky shredders won some ill prizes, the smiles and noise were never-ending. Then came Level 1's feature, 'Eye Trip', which lived up to its' title. The claim can be made that every one in that room was itching for snow by the end. With the combination of a mad playlist, pow lines that made you sick, urban hits more crazy than ever, and mind-blowing park sessions, this film has definitely upped the stoke level for this season, it is not one to miss. Enjoy a few photo's below, and GET STOKED!

Five riders compete in the Monster chug for a prize.

Tom Wallisch, Freedle Coty, Wiley Miller, and Josh Berman leaving the stage after getting the crowd amped for 'Eye Trip'.

Lucky winner received Scott Punisher ski's.

Photo's and writing by JR Lindsey

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