Pro skiers Sammy Carlson, Pep Fujas, and LJ Strenio get the locals in Salt Lake City pumped for the premiere of Revolver.

October 2, Poor Boyz Productions visited Salt Lake City, for the premiere of their epic 2010 film Revolver. A massive crowd of snow-craving lunatics gathered at the UofU to meet featured pro's Sammy Carlson, Pep Fujas, and LJ Strenio. The bass-bumping soundtrack and opening segment of the movie was enough to captivate any shredder, let alone the killer segments from all of the pro's. Sammy hitting cliffs that made mouths drop, Dane Tudor's night powder session causing everyone to salivate like hungry dogs, massive and creative park features that made anyone antsy to hit the hills. Big thanks to the PBP crew for the top notch movie and bringing the pro's out to get the stoke up!!

Crowd getting stoked to win some prizes.

Sammy talked about getting amped for the upcoming season, Pep drew some portraits of fans, and LJ tried to one-up Pep by drawing dope smiley-faces for his fans.

LJ running the final round of the prize drawing, forcing three locals to hold a push-up as long as possible.

And we have a winner!!

Writing/Photography By JR Lindsey

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