Stoke level running low? Skiers, boarders, athletes, and all people alike need energy boosters to get through the day. Get an extra hype dosage from these easy routines.

1. Catch Some Z's: There is never anything wrong with a little nap. Just make sure it is not longer than a half hour, or it will only keep you sleepy the rest of the day. Conclusion, short nap, mad energy. Long nap, grumpy.
2. Stretch: Not only is it plain awesome, it feels good, and it gets the blood pumping through your body, waking you up.
3. Rock Star Attitude: We all know you like to rock out in your room with the door locked and the air guitar on full throttle. Do it and it will give you a boost from the movement and singing. Even if you are at work or at school, who knows, maybe people will ask you for your autograph.
4. Snack It Up: Have a small, healthy snack and your power can skyrocket. Nuts, yogurt, peanut butter, honey, and fruits are excellent sources for energy.
5. H2O: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! The more water you drink during the day, the less tired you will be.
6. Be A Lover Not A Hater: Nothing gets the heart going like a little flirting session. Frolic away people!
7. Grub: Your parent weren't lying when they said breakfast is important. If you have an awesome, healthy breakfast, it will get your systems moving faster. Therefore, breakfast provides you with the pizazz you need for your banger day.
8. One And Two And Three: Work out. Its simple. Do jumping jacks if you are in the office, go run laps, go SKI, skate, handstand contest, take a walk. Do anything that will get your adrenaline-craving heart moving and blood pumping.
9. Mooch-A-Massage: Massages can relax your muscles, clear your mind, and get you ready to destroy the rest of the day with more juice. Dope way to enjoy yourself and chill out.
10. Love To Laugh: Laughing is the best medicine for exhaustion and sadness. Do something stupid, laugh at yourself, laugh at someone else, watch a comedy, anything to get a laugh. Don't be embarrassed either.

Apply these stoke-filled tips to your life and you will see the difference. Get hyphy and enjoy!

Written By JR Lindsey

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