Put these tunes together so we can all tap into a little pre-season rhymes, good times, and ill vibes. Click on the song for a link to YouTube. Mob the streets, campus, or wherever and enjoy!
If you would like to comment with more of your favorite pre-season tunes, please do and I'll add them! Cheers.

You Remind Me By Optimus Prime
Kiss the Sky By Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
Shoeing Horses in 1901 By Phoenix/Why?
All Stars By Grafton Primary
I'm Not Your Toy By La Roux (Nero Remix)
Shoot Me By Jason Dean Beats (Ft. Promoe & DJ Final)
Fire Away By Jupiter One
Smoke Some Weed By Ice Cube
Come Around By Collie Buddz
Tell A Story By Rhymefest
No Taylor, No Scar By Norwegian Recycling
Black Wax By Dananananaykroyd
Me By Atmosphere
Work By Gangstarr
Can You Imagine By Prop Dylan
Uncle Sam Damn By Brother Ali
Jammin By Black Violin
No Pressure By Chops
Magical World By Bassnectar
Smash Lies By Matisyahu
Drown In The Now By The Crystal Method
The Sea Is Rising By Bliss 'n' Eso (credit to Alexei for adding this one)
Ares (Villains Remix) By Bloc Party (thanks pfitts)
Hustla By The Roots Ft S.T.S. (thanks again pfitty!)


  1. Ares (villains remix) by Bloc Party and hustla Feat. S.T.S. By The Roots

  2. Youre welcome, however I would like credit for the other ones. hahaha jp but seriously...