Location: Snowbird Date: 10/27/20 Photographer: JR Lindsey

Classrooms at the University of Utah have been littered with empty seats since the massive snow bearing clouds rolled in last weekend. "All of you snow bums hitting the mountains shredding or whatever the lingo is," a professor mumbled. She was dead on. The great plague of 2010 has wiped out the universities classes. This plague is known as the Borderline Snowmanic Plague (BSP), aka the borderline obsessive craze for snow and everything to do with that white, fluffy, ecstasy-filled form of precipitation. With Snowbird Ski Resort recording a total of 32 inches as of 7:30 AM 10/27/10 from this epic storm, it is no wonder this plague has hit hard. As for a cure, some professors at the university might be asking, there is none. Once BSP hits, it is literally impossible to stop, no amount of "winterventions" can bring it to an end. So, all of those with BSP, or those in danger of catching this fast-spreading plague, get those skis and boards waxed, boots fitted, and swag together because, sorry professors, winter is here and in your face.

Written by JR Lindsey

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