At the young and thriving age of 24, Nick Moore, the designer for Demon Dirt, has been diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease called Keratoconus. He is now blind in his left eye and his right eye is going. There is no approved permanent treatment for Moore's disease, however, there is an experimental surgery called CR3. Because this is not an approved surgery, Moore's insurance refuses to cover it. The surgery that might be able to save the avid, enthusiastic, and strong-willed Moore's eyes, will cost over $20,000 out of his pocket. He has started a campaign called I Ride For Nick's Eyes to help raise money for his surgery, which is scheduled for November 10, just eight short days away. Currently this campaign has, shockingly, raised a generous $11,000. Moore is $9,000 short, we NEED to help this rider, owner, and incredible (to say the least) person. Check outhttp://www.demondirt.com/ to buy things that go fully towards this cause, or just straight up donate. This fellow rider absolutely deserves a chance, his passion to shred berms and the like is addicting and cannot be snuffed out. PLEASE HELP HIM. Thank you for reaching out to him and supporting him.

Check these "Save Nick's Eyes" beanies On Wheelie Int and buy a beanie to help a great cause. 100% of proceeds go to save our great friend Nicholas Edward Moore eyes.

Hit up these I Ride For Nick's Eyes silver crow necklacesthat just came out! These things are rad.

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