There are some things that, even as a writer, are difficult to put into words. One of those things is Passion; a renewed motivation, an aching to act. This is the feeling that was lit, no pun intended, inside me, and a hundred plus others, as we littered the SLC auditorium, to view TGR's Light the Wick. We watched, entranced, the raw talent from inspiring athletes as they traveled the world, following epic pow storms, gapping massive crevasses, hucking jaw-dropping gnarly cliffs, and boosting perfectly built kickers; redefining what is possible. Then, reaching further into our guts, hearts, and stoke-meters, a few of the athletes showed us just how hard they can throw down, in a hyped 3D segment. The Passion, the excitement, the fire, flaring up the crowds eyes. Energy levels went up snow-capped-mountain high. Skiing is my life, as I know it is for thousands of others out there. The snow: falling, resorts: opening, skis: tuned. We are addicted maniacs, adrenaline junkies, risk seekers pushing limits. TGR released that beast named Passion inside its audience again; though I'm still not sure how to explain Passion. If you are reading this, nodding, smiling, possibly drooling, you know what I'm talking about. Skiing is Passion. Thanks TGR for upping the game and pushing us to up ours.

Written By JR Lindsey

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